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Bringing your Volvo back from Europe is quick and easy.  Contact the staff at one of the locations in Europe to confirm use of the service and to make necessary arrangements prior to leaving your Volvo.  The Drop Off Centers are only open Monday through Friday. After making arrangements drive your Volvo to one of the official Drop Off Centers in Europe and present the Volvo Home Shipment voucher (plus any other required documents).

In accordance with European customs regulations valid from July 1, 2009 all Tourist Program cars must be exported from Europe within 6 months of delivery, provided the exportation is done from one of the following drop off locations in Scandinavia countries:

Goteborg, Sweden   -  Stockholm, Sweden

When using other drop off locations (outside Scandinavia) the export declaration must be done when you take delivery of the car, which limits your use of the car in Europe to 2 months.

No matter where you live in America, your car can be shipped from Europe to an authorized U.S. Volvo dealer.  The approximate shipping time to ports on the East Coast is four to six weeks and for the West Coast six to eight weeks.  The average inland ground transportation time to a U.S. Volvo dealer is two weeks.  For deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii, please add three more weeks.

Volvo Drop Off Centers and Charges (Euros)*

  XC60 & XC90 **
Location Drop Off Fee Drop Off Fee  
Amsterdam, Netherlands 257 335 **
Antwerp, Belgium 410 410  
Aviano, Italy 810 810  
Antwerp, Belgium 410 410  
Bremerhaven, Germany 50 65  
Duisburg, Germany 140 182 **
Frankfurt, Germany 185 235 **
Geneva, Switzerland 1005 1055 **
Goteborg, Sweden FREE FREE  
Geneva, Switzerland 1005 1055 **
Hamburg, Germany 115 149 **
Koper, Slovenia 595 595  
Lakenheath, United Kingdom * GBP 350 GBP 350 **
London, United Kingdom * GBP 390 GBP 390 **
Madrid, Spain 570 570 **
Munich, Germany 220 286 **
Nice, France 990 990 **
Paris, France 620 620 **
Sindelfingen, Germany 210 215 **
Stockholm, Sweden * SEK 4,000 SEK 4,625 **
Zurich, Switzerland 795 855 **

* The charges above are in Euros (except for the United Kingdom locations which are GBP - Great Britain Pounds and the Stockholm location which is SEK - Swedish Krona).  These fees are valid as of January 26, 2015 and are subject to change without notice.

** Because of space limitations the drop off fees for an XC60 or XC90 are more at these locations.

Click to view a map of the Drop Off Locations in Europe.



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