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Driving your new Volvo in Europe

Since you will be taking your new Volvo out for its first drive in Europe, you will need to have it registered. To make this process as effortless as possible, be sure to fill out the European vehicle registration form when you order your new Volvo via Overseas Delivery. Once that's done, you can leave the rest to us.


Insurance in Europe

We arrange comprehensive insurance on cars temporarily registered on Swedish export plates for periods up to six months for Tourist Program customers.  For information regarding insurance for shipment back to the United States (marine insurance), please see the Volvo Home Shipment Program brochure.

                           Third Party Liability Insurance coverage

The Third Party Liability insurance covers liability for damage caused when using the vehicle in traffic and where liability according to law and legal practice can be imposed upon the insured or any person using the vehicle with his permission. It is valid in all European countries except former Soviet Union. It is also valid in Israel, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey. When visiting former Soviet Union a special insurance must be signed at the border. Regarding validity in former Yugoslavia we kindly ask you to contact the factory.

The insurance company will cover the legal expenses of the insured if legal proceedings have been instituted against him due to an injury or damage covered by the insurance. However, only reasonable expenses, justified by the company's interest in the proceedings, will be compensated. No money will be paid in respect of fines or for legal expenses in connection with any action against the insured.

                  Insurance Against Material Damage to Own Vehicle

The validity of this insurance covers the same countries as indicated for the Third Party Liability Insurance. It is also valid during transportation between and within these countries and covers:

- Damage to the vehicle.
- Damage to accessories and tools included in the price of the vehicle as well as any other equipment which can be considered normal for vehicles of the same kind and manufacture as the one insured, on the understanding that the property in question was always attached to or normally kept in the vehicle.
- Damage to dismounted parts of the vehicle and dismantled equipment provided they were stored with normal care and attention. This relates solely to property designated for use in and on the vehicle. The insurance does not cover trailers coupled to the vehicle.

                                     Personal Accident Insurance

This coverage is provided at no additional premium costs. This personal accident insurance covers the driver and every authorized passenger. The amount insured is doubled if there is more than one person in the car when the accident occurs. In this case, such an amount will be shared by the passengers in the car. The insurance applies to accidents directly connected with the steering, use operation, loading and unloading and parking of the car. The insurance covers any injuries which the insured or passengers in the vehicle suffer involuntarily and resulting from sudden external force being applied to his body.


Swedish Resident?

If you are, or have been, a Swedish resident, you will need to fill out an additional application.* You must also provide proof that you live outside Sweden for more than 6 months out of a year.

*Does not include military personnel.


Swedish Traffic Signs

Safety is at the heart of everything Volvo does. To make your visit to Sweden as safe as possible, we've created a guide to understand Swedish traffic signs.



Service in Europe

Whether you're exploring country roads in the south of France or testing out Germany's autobahns, you're probably not far from a Volvo service center. If your Volvo needs service or repair, simply show your service book and warranty at any Volvo-approved service facility to cover the work.

                    6 Month, Unlimited Mileage, Worldwide Warranty

The factory warranty on cars sold through the Tourist Program is valid in Europe for 6 months and comes with unlimited mileage.  

                                   U.S. Specification Warranties

While national warranties vary from country to country, in accordance with local laws and regulations, we do our best to ensure that you are always covered to the fullest extent possible. For instance, the remainder of the U.S. limited warranty will be honored when your Volvo is back in the U.S.


Volvo Assistance Europe

If you're unfortunate enough to catch a flat from a rusty nail on one of France's beautiful country roads, you need not worry. When you order your new Volvo through the Overseas Delivery Program, you receive Volvo Assistance Europe, our roadside assistance program, free. We are at your service 24 hours a day at no extra cost, for three years from your European delivery date.

Benefits of Volvo Assistance Europe
Towing to the nearest Volvo workshop in the event of an accident
- The use of a rental car
- Certain travel and accommodation expenses
- Free transport to the workshop to pick up your car
- Assistance obtaining cash from your bank account

Click to view the Volvo Assistance Europe brochure

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